Newsletter #1

You’re reading my first newsletter and I have no idea on what a newsletter is supposed to be.

I will write this first one and get it out of the way, maybe in the future I’ll figure it out how it’s done. Maybe not : )

So this one is about a silly thing I do with numbers on my paintings. You probably haven’t noticed but most of the time you see numbers on a painting of mine the added result is 9.

On the painting “Stuck”, on the concrete barrier there is a 12942, if you add all numbers individually you get 1+2+9+4+2=18, then 1+8=9. Another example, please look at the painting “First-Class Mail” the USPS truck is truck number 2108313, 2+1+0+8+3+1+3=18, 1+8=9. On the same painting yellow oil barrel is numbered 8325, 8+3+2+5=18, 1+8=9. And my last example is the painting “The Flat” besides numbers that equal 9, there are a few more hidden easter eggs, one is the license plate, which  is D172GA, as you already know 1+7+2=9 but besides that, you could read the 1 as an I (capital i) like DI 72 GA. “Di” is a nickname for my son Diego. “Ga” is a nickname for my daughter Gaby. 72 is the year I was born. On the same painting, the USPS box has the number 8748 handwritten, 8+7+4+8=27 2+7=9. On the cabin there is a 13 next to my grandmother’s picture, 13 obviously doesn’t add 9, but it’s there because 13 was her favorite number. There is some technical numbers on the hood of the truck 6500 and 20000. They don’t add nine and now that I think about it they should add to nine, I don’t know I didn’t pay attention to that. : )

Thank you very much for being so brave and reading until the end.



01 Stuck.jpg
02 Stuck.jpg
03 First Class Mail.jpg
04 First Class Mail 2.jpg
05 First Class Mail.jpg
06 The Flat.jpg
07 The Flat.jpg
08 the Flat.jpg